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For APECS International Polar Week September 2019, we organized two webinars on polar art and artists representations of the high latitudes on 25 September and on 27 September 2019.

The APECS Webinar Series Polar Art proudly presents Marlo Garnsworthy’s webinar: ‘Bridging the Crevasse: Sharing the Cryosphere with the Public’

Polar Art Webinar 27 Sept updatedFriday 27th September, 2019, at 15:00 GMT

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Marlo Garnsworthy is an editor, an author and illustrator, and a polar science communicator. She has a curiosity for the natural world since she was a little child growing up in Australia. Marlo’s ideal way of living involves being surrounded by nature/wilderness, writing, illustrating, exploring and adventure.

Marlo GarnsworthyMarlo visited Antarctica twice in her role as the Outreach officer, most recently on the JOIDES Resolution -IODP Expedition 382 in 2019. As a science communicator, Marlo focusses on polar science and oceanography, ‘Science communication is my driving passion, and I’m especially interested in how narrative, art, and animation can reach, engage, and inspire a broader audience. My current focus is on writing and illustrating nonfiction, and I occasionally write for sites such as Envirobites and Oceanbites’. Marlo has a joint science communication venture, Pixel Movers & Makers, with Kevin Pluck.

Follow Marlo on Twitter @MarloWordyBird and @SNowbirdsNBP
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APECS Webinar Series Polar Art proudly presents Gabby O’Connor’s webinar: “Art, Data, Audience and Disruption. Embedding Art in Antarctic Field Research”

Polar Art Webinar 1Date and time: 25 September 2019 @ 1:30 GMT (1:30pm NZ time)

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Gabby O’Connor is an artist, educator and interdisciplinary researcher with training in sculpture and an interest in science communication and community. She frequently creates large scale community engagement projects that sees her collaborating with local school children for the creation of the artwork displayed. These workshops function as science communication and are multi-layered where the participants are making art, but also learning about science and history that relates to the project. Past projects have looked at Antarctica, Climate and Weather. Gabby O’Connor is a current PhD candidate with Auckland University with a scholarship from the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge researching intersections between art, science, education and community. In 2015 and 2016, O’Connor worked with K131 collecting data about sea-ice platelets, assisting and documenting research and creating artwork in a sea-ice camp on McMurdo Sound with Dr Tim Haskell, Dr Craig Stevens and Dr Natalie Robinson. She is currently based at NIWA Wellington (NZ).


Follow Gabby on Instagram: @studioantarctica and @theunseen_by_gabbyo
and Twitter: @o_gabbyo


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