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Climate change at the Poles: Research Immersion Experience at Bellingshausen
  • Students - in general
This immersion experience exposed students from multiple disciplines and several nations to basic and advanced Antarctic research techniques necessary for understanding the area of the world most affected by climate change. This course offered a general overview of several fields, techniques and technologies used to collect and analyze data, hands-on training in multiple disciplines and incorporate research projects that use a systems approach and were enhanced by international perspectives on newly synthesized science hypotheses. The field school provided the opportunity and forum for collaborations between a number of scientists and young researchers from a variety of backgrounds. The students gained knowledge of one of the most rapidly warming region on Earth and sociological impacts. They also acquired hands-on field techniques for collecting data, data sharing and management. They learned logistical requirements for research at several international Antarctic stations and developed international and interdisciplinary research projects and collaborators. In addition, they will participate in disseminating this information and knowledge to other young researchers around the world.
  • Field Course
Obukhov Institute of Atmosphere Physics RAS, Russia, University of Alaska Fairbanks, APECS Norway
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Oslo Science Conference

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