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Estimation of Seasonal Snow Cover, Glacial and Lake Area Changes at the Ob'/Yenisey river heads

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The Altai-Sayan mountains geographically define the southern periphery of the Asian Arctic Basin. The Ob and Yenisey rivers are the only Siberian rivers that are fed by fresh water from the Altai-Sayan alpine glaciers. The water flowing from the Ob and Yenisey rivers accounts for 40% of the total river inflow into the Arctic Ocean. The 2,340 Altai-Sayan’s glaciers have been receding from the middle of 19th century, but there has been no precise estimation of the change in glacial areal extent and seasonal snow-cover and the consequent changes in water resources.

The main objective is to estimate changes in snow- glacial- and lake-covered areas, and glacier volume, at the head of Ob/Yenisey river basins over forty years, and also to simulate and forecast snow and glacial runoff variability.
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Prof. Vladimir Aizen
University of Idaho
University of Idaho, Tomsk State University, Russian Federation
Russia, USA
September 2007 to July 2011
Yes, part of it was.
English, Russian
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