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People of a feather
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This film project documents the dramatic story of environmental change and its impacts on sea ice ecosystems around the Belcher Islands in Nunavut. The feature length film will juxtapose the story of Arctic eider ducks as they face changing sea ice conditions, alongside the struggle of the Inuit hunters who rely on these birds for their food and clothing. Eider feathers have long been prized as the warmest in the world and have allowed the local people to brave the harsh arctic winters. The film will showcase the natural history of eider ducks and sea ice habitats along side a portrait of modern and traditional Inuit life. The film People of a Feather is scheduled for release in fall 2010. Resources from the project are also being used to produce The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package, a multi-media resource for teachers and educators.
  • Film - feature or documentary
Dr. Joel Heath
University of British Columbia
Sanikiluaq Running Pictures, The Arctic Eider Society, Nunavut Department of Education
February 2007 to March 2011
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