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The Institute of Marine Research in Norway sent its most advanced research vessel, G. O. Sars, on a three month long cruise in the Southern Ocean as part of the IPY. Amongst its goals were to learn more about the acoustic properties of Antarctic krill and mackerel icefish and a better understanding of the mesopelagic ecosystem in the Atlantic part of this vast ocean. Scientists from five countries collected data for 20 different international and national projects. The various activities onboard were filmed along with the cruise participants performing them. From the nearly 20 hours of tape, a six minutes video has been edited in order to give a feel for what it is like to be on a ship in a very exotic location for an extended period of time. The aim was to create a video that is self explanatory so that it can be used alongside other public outreach materials and presentations to give broader insight into the activities that takes place on a research cruise.
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Alligator Film, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
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