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Reindeer Herder and student: Education for reindeer herders older than 25 years
  • Students - in general
Experience shows that the school system in Norway is poorly adapted to reindeer herding, and it limits possibilities of education for reindeer herders to take part in educational programs. The students own knowledge is not adopted and acknowledged, and the way programs are organized in space and time is not adapted to reindeer herding. This program is about developing and implementing a flexible and integrated education model for reindeer herder's. Until now they have not had any sufficiently opportunity to participate in ordinary programs for education at colleges and universities. The aim of the education model is twofold:1) reindeer herder's traditional knowledge is used as a basis in developing the model, and 2) herders knowledge is combined with school-based knowledge. Students can continue working as reindeer herder's simultaneously as they take part in educational programs adapted to reindeer husbandry. The link between traditional knowledge and science contribute to knowledge of relevance to the practice of reindeer herding conduct, and the professional practitioner's practice theory.
  • Educational expedition - students
Sami University College
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