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Who said what now? - Bridging the Gap between Science and Policy
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There has been a general concern within the academic community that scientific research is not reaching the desks of policy-makers and as a consequence, is not being properly incorporated into policy and policy-making procedures. This is particularly relevant for the polar sciences where the speed of changes happening within the realm of natural, social and political sciences is unprecedented. Given these circumstances, the need to bridge the gap between policy-makers and the scientific community has never been greater. Also crucial is the active involvement of young researchers, whose standing within the scientific community often inhibits their ability to connect with policy-makers. This would seem especially crucial for the development of how future generations of academic leaders view policy and their place within its processes. Despite these challenges, two positive examples emerged in December 2009 to experiment with this disconnect.

First, the IPY International Early Career Research Symposium, co-organized by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), held in Victoria, Canada, devoted a session to 'Working with Policy-Makers'. International graduate students and four prominent mentors, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Greenland, Environment Canada, IPY Canada, and the Northern Research Forum, attended the session, which focused on promoting interaction, sharing experiences and 'hands-on' training for young researchers.
Secondly, the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in San Francisco, featured two sessions related to policy: 'Climate Change- From Science to Policy' and 'Providing Climate Policy-Makers with a Strong Scientific Base'. Among other things, the sessions highlighted examples of how science can influence policy development, and explored the strategies used to increase politicians' understanding of climate change research. Both examples present interesting initiatives towards a burgeoning cooperation between policy and science.
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