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The Journey to the Ice Age
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The fathers of eight-year-olds Torjus and Miro are geologists and researchers in East Greenland. In summer 2008 the two boys were allowed to join their fathers’ expedition and experience firsthand one of the most remote areas on earth. With financial support from IPY, the two boys and their parents wrote a children’s book about their experiences. They were accompanied on the expedition by the award-winning Swiss nature photographer Thomas Ulrich.

In the book The Journey to the Ice Age readers learn about musk oxen, the Inuit, mosquitoes, icebergs and visible climate change – and not least about the two boys’ exciting adventures. The book also features interesting facts about animals and nature in the region, expeditions, geology and changes the earth has gone through.

Published in Norwegian in September 2009, the book was printed in 6 000 copies. It has received excellent reviews and is available at every library in Norway, thanks to the purchasing programme under Arts Council Norway. A five-episode miniseries for NRK’s popular-science programme for children, Newton, was also made based on the book. The Journey to the Ice Age has been translated into English and Dutch.
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Thomas Ulrich
Norway, Switzerland
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