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The Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education (NAROM) is located at the Andøya Rocket Range in Northern Norway. During IPY, the centre hosted a wide array of activities targeting lower-secondary and upper-secondary school pupils (aged 13-18) under the PolarEduSpace project. The project has collaborated closely with the IPY science project ICESTAR.A number of competitions related to polar science using satellite imagery were held in lower secondary schools in autumn 2007. Of the 50 pupils who submitted final reports, 11 were selected for a three-day visit in the field at Andøya. A field course was held for 15 teachers on Svalbard as well. Classes were also given the opportunity to visit the Engabreen glacier in connection with classroom activities using satellite images. A main aim has been to show the pupils how researchers use satellite data in their work and to introduce them to remote sensing. In collaboration with the ICESTAR project and the University of Bergen, the PolarEduSpace project put together four instrument kits for schools to borrow and use for teaching purposes. By providing access to images from the SPOT 5 satellite, the project has enabled pupils to cooperate with glaciology students. A teaching module for remote sensing of glaciers was also developed. ,
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