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Announcing the launch of a new book by an amazing artist/scientist whose life embraced most of the 20th century. Maurice Haycock was born in Canada in the Victorian era, before cars, phones, radios and air travel. He went on to learn to use a computer at 80 and predicted the coming of the internet. He lived in the Arctic in 1926-27, painted at the North Pole, discovered a mineral which was named “haycockite” after him, was a worldwide recognized geologist and Canada most traveled Arctic artist. For almost 40 years he traveled and painted across Canada northern wilderness.Maurice Haycocks' paintings of Arctic historic sites are a unique, authentic and artistically beautiful record of some of the most significant places in Canadian history and prehistory. Archeological sites and signs of exploration and travel are well preserved in the Arctic. Haycock was fascinated with the visible past and how it was shaped by the exposed geology. He became a scholar of early indigenous movement and settlement, Inuit history and European exploration in the Arctic and assembled a fascinating and comprehensive collection of paintings based on his visits to historical sites.
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Kathy M Haycock
Woodland Studio
Woodland Studio, Edgar Kent Publishers, University of Toronto Press, Peter Maher, Doris McCarthy, Dr. Fred Roots, Dr. Joe MacInnis
Canada, Greenland
July 2005 to April 2007
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