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apecs logo webnorden logoAPECS conducted the APECS Nordic “Bridging Early Career Researchers and Indigenous Peoples in Nordic Countries” project from 2013 - 2015. Funded through the Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Cooperation Programme, project leveraged the research, education and outreach experience of the APECS network to identify ways to enhance engagement between Early Career Researchers and Indigenous peoples in Nordic regions.  

This research initiative had been developed in response to some of the challenges in polar research. As stated during the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change in Anchorage (2009) “Indigenous Peoples have an important role to play in addressing climate change through their knowledge, experience and rights over land and development…however, this contribution has been largely ignored”. This is often a result of the communication gap between researchers and Indigenous peoples. Better incorporation of this knowledge into Arctic research as well as better communication between Northern residents and researchers is crucial. Thus, a demand for more training of Arctic researchers in how to approach Indigenous peoples, how to work with local experts and how to successfully and respectfully incorporate Traditional Knowledge in research projects is urgently needed.


The APECS Nordic Project was working towards enhancing engagement between Early Career Researchers and Indigenous peoples in several ways and you can read more about the various activities conducted here on this page. 


The final report of the project has been produced in both English and Russian and can be accessed via the links below. 

APECS also wants to thank the APECS International Directorate sponsors - Research Council of Norway, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and the Norwegian Polar Institute - for their continued support through which projects like this are made possible. For the APECS Nordic Workshop, additional funding for travel support was provided by the US National Science Foundation, the International Arctic Science Committee and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.


nsf logoSwedish Polar Secretariat mobile highres logoiasc webnorden logoapecs logo webCulminating the APECS Nordic Project, “Bridging Early Career Researchers and Indigenous Peoples in Nordic Countries” was a 2-day in person workshop entitled “Connecting Early Career Researchers and Community Driven Research in the North” that was held at the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) , and Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) in Helsinki, Finland, 7-8 April, 2014.

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Nordic project logoThe APECS Nordic Project “Bridging Early Career Researchers and Indigenous Peoples in Nordic Countries” featured a series of 6 webinars. The webinar series identified current research challenges from the perspective of ECRs and Indigenous peoples and aimed to define potential solutions to overcome these existing challenges to communication and other research issues. Webinars were held weekly in October & November 2013

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apecs logo webnorden logoThe APECS Nordic Project team collected opinions and experiences from indigenous and non-indigenous early career researchers (ECRs) and Indigenous peoples in Nordic Regions. The APECS Nordic Survey was conducted in spring 2014.

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apecs logo webnorden logoThe APECS Nordic Project aimed to facilitate cooperation, coordination and synergy between APECS national branches, indigenous and non-indigenous early career researchers in general as well as indigenous and non-indigenous Northern community members on a regional level within Nordic countries including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Russia. Fostering networks amongst Nordic researchers in the scientific community and with northern communities can help future collaborations in polar research and facilitate addressing complex challenges posed across the Nordic region.

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Project Team

APECS Nordic Project was organized by a team of dedicated and informed APECS members, as well as the APECS International Directorate located at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Each project team member brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to ensure that the overall project and each of its components including the Nordic database, the survey, the webinars series and the workshop were a success.

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