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Korea Polar Research Institute
The Korea Polar Research Institute that was launched in a small research laboratory in 1987 has realized a great deal of qualitative and quantitative achievements since its affiliation in 2004. Along with its development, a vast range of polar infrastructures has been successfully constructed including the icebreaker ARAON in 2009 and the KOPRI building in 2013. There is also the Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station that is set to be completed by February 2014.

Moreover, the status as a permanent observer in the Arctic Council was obtained in 2013 based on the research achievements realized until today while expanding the detail and scope of research from the Antarctic to the Arctic. At such point in time, KOPRI intends to construct the effective system for the operation, management, and crisis response of large-scale infrastructure like the icebreaker ARAON, the Antarctic King Sejong Station, the Arctic Dasan Station and Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station and in line with this, it aims to plan and execute research projects that derive research outcome on the international level and match well with the social demand of the nation. In addition, it is willing to take the role as leader in multilateral international joint research programs while reinforcing joint projects with other research institutes and universities in Korea.

From this point onwards, KOPRI promises to exert utmost efforts to become the world-best research organization that not only expedites the development of polar science but is also trusted and respected by the government and people in Korea.

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