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Joel McAlister, Environment and Natural Resource Technology Senior Instructor at Aurora College, won the 2016 APECS Canada-ArcticNet Student Association Mentor Award.

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Photo by Aurora College

Joel was nominated by both peers and students. When the Mentor Award Committee hosted its conference call in early November, it was a challenge to determine the 2016 winner – all nominations were tremendous! Out of nine highly qualified candidates, Joel was distinguished based largely on his deep connections to community – he is certainly greatly invested in the community of Aurora College and the larger Inuvik region!

Joel had close to two dozen letters of support from past and current students, all of whom identified his unwavering commitment to supporting and engendering his student’s learning process. Of note is Joel’s continued work in ensuring that traditional Indigenous ways of knowing guide the endeavours of western science researchers across Inuvialuit and Gwitch’in territories. Joel practices his mentorship under the guidance of the community, and his humility and respect for other knowledges is commendable. Congratulations, Joel!


Photo by Mike Sudoma

At the 2016 ArcticNet ASM banquet in Winnipeg, Joel accepted his award. Award Committee members Kate Snow, Jen Lalonde, and Rudy Riedlsperger were on hand to introduce the winner to the hundreds of scientists, academics, and researchers present. One of Joel’s prior students and current colleague and friend, Sarah Beattie, participated in creating a slide show and video about the great things Joel has been involved in. Look here for the video.

We would like to send a HUGE thank you to all of those who helped contribute to Joel’s win, as well as all of those who worked hard to ensure that the other eight mentors had been nominated. Thank you!!

A new Call for Nominations for the 2017 Mentor Award will be circulated in April, 2017.

For the 2016 Awards Committee,

Marney Paradis

Chair, 2016 APECS Canada-ASA Award Committee

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