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Unbenannt.pngAPECS-France met in Paris during the last scientific days of the CNFRA (Comity for French Research in the Arctic and in the Antarctic) the 11th and 12th of May. This event represents the annual meeting for the French polar community.

A part of the board (Céline Clément-Chastel & Lydie Lescarmontier) as well as 3 active members (Anne-Mathilde Thierry, Françoise Amelineau & Emmanuelle Sultan) attended the conference and assisted the association in the record of new members and in answering questions.


The 11th, Céline gave a talk about the functioning of the association, its missions, and the current projects. At the end of the scientific days, Lydie Lescarmontier animated a small workshop in communications, giving few rules to success in giving presentations, and organised a debate with general questions about mediation and a feedback about the two last days of talks.

This event also allowed the board and the active members to gather and discuss « in live! » about the current projects and the general functioning of the association: what is not working, and what could be improved? We also have to note the presence of our famous Kakemono APECS-France invited at every APECS-France event!

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