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apecs logo webAPECS is excited to announce that another leadership term has begun on 1 October 2018!

APECS Executive Committee 2018-2019:

APECS’ 12th Executive Committee (ExCom) is now in place and ready to continue to shape the polar world.

  • Jilda Caccavo (University of Padua, Italy)
  • Jennifer Cooper (University of Kansas, USA)
  • Clare Eayrs (New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
  • Juan Höfer (Southern University of Chile & IDEAL research center, Chile)
  • Gabriela Roldán (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

have been elected by members of the 2017-2018 APECS Council to form the ExCom, the main leadership body of APECS. Hanne Nielsen (Australia) and Alexander Thornton (USA) will serve as ex-officios and support the new ExCom over the coming year. And of course, Gerlis Fugmann, the APECS Executive Director will continue to support and foster the group from the International Directorate Office in Potsdam, Germany.

More information on the APECS 2018-2019 Executive Committee can be found here.


Jilda Caccavo 2018 1APECS President 2018-2019:

With a new term, comes a new president, and this year Jilda Caccavo will be taking on this role. Jilda just completed her PhD on the population structure of the keystone species the Antarctic silverfish. Her research interests involve combining multidisciplinary techniques including genetics, otolith chemistry and trophic analyses to understand the health of Antarctic fish populations in order to gauge what impacts climate change and anthropogenic disturbances will have on them. This is her second term on the APECS Executive Committee and she is excited to have the opportunity to continue to support the ambitious projects of the Council, the day to day business of running APECS, and realizing the overarching goals of each ExCom’s mandate: providing opportunities for and supporting early career Polar researchers.


APECS Council 2018-2019:

For the 2018-2019 term, the APECS Council is made up of 87 very enthusiastic members from 28 countries, including representatives from 24 National Committees:

APECS Council Leadership:

  • Council Chairs: Stanislav Ksenofontov (Switzerland), Morgan Seag (UK), Neelu Singh (India)
  • National Committee Coordinators: Iqra Choudhry (UK), Emily Choy (Canada), Swati Nagar (India)
  • Social Media Coordinators: Mia Bennett (Hong Kong), Rupa Rupa (UK)

Other Council member:

Kelsey Aho (USA), Keechy Akkerman (UK), Mehnaz Alam (Bangladesh), Stefano Ambroso (Spain), Tayana Arakchaa (Russia), Eda Ayadin (France), Atreya Basu (Canada), Linde van Bets (Netherlands), François Burgay (Italy), Natalie Carter (Canada), Mathieu Casado (Germany), Paula de Castro-Fernández (Spain), Nicolas Champollion (France), Eleonora Conca (Italy), Matteo Luciano Contu (UK), Adrian Dahood (USA), Rahul Dey (India), Mariama Dryak (USA), Vikram Goel (Norway / India), Gwenaëlle Gremion (Canada), Rebecca Gugerli (Switzerland), Hugo Guímaro (Portugal), Kaushik Gupta (Canada), Christel Hansen (South Africa), Carolynn Harris (USA), Alexa Hasselman (USA), Meghan Helmberger (USA), Andrea Herbert (New Zealand), Charlie Hewitt (UK), Doğaç Baybars Işıler (Turkey), Shridhar Jawak (Norway), Amy Kirkham (United States), Maria Korneykova (Russia), Erin Kunisch (Norway), Kara Layton (Australia), Jasmine Lee (Australia), Sasha Leidman (USA), Martine Lizotte (Canada), Sarah Maes (Belgium), Maciej Mańko (Poland), Sebastián Marinsek (Argentina), Ricardo Matias (Portugal), Claudia Maturana (Chile), Kyle Mayers (UK), Jhon Fredy Mojica Moncada (United Arab Emirates), Bernabé Moreno (Peru), K M Vishnu Namboodiri (India), Özgun Oktar (Turkey), Elizabeth Orr (USA), Prashant H. Pandit (India), Lindsey Parkinson (USA), Lara F. Pérez (UK), Carla Pérez Mon (Switzerland), Jean Polfus (Canada), Ankit Pramanik (Norway), José Queirós (Portugal), Arthi Ramachandran (Canada), Kabir Rasouli (Canada), Corinna Röver (Sweden), Jessica Rohde (USA), Paul Rosenbaum (France), Marius Rossouw (South Africa), Elizabeth Rudolph (South Africa), Cynthia Sassenroth (Germany), Valentina Savaglia (Belgium), José Seco (Portugal / UK), Elisa Seyboth (Brazil), Sarah Shakil (Canada), Grace Shephard (Norway), Maud van Soest (United Kingdom), Philip Sontag (USA), Greta Carrete Vega (Spain), Florian Vidal (France), Deniz Vural (Turkey), Mateusz Waligóra (Poland), Samuel Weber (Switzerland), Maximillian Samuel Van Wyk de Vries (USA), Nadya Yanakieva (Bulgaria), Sinan Yirmibesoglu (Turkey)

Additionally, Alice Bradley (USA), Meagan Dewar (Australia) Jean Holloway (Canada), Trista Vick-Majors (United States), Ruth Vingerhagen (Norway), Yulia Zaika (Russia), Scott Zolkos (Canada) remain on the Council in an ex-officio role.

More information on the APECS 2018-2019 Council can be found here.

Once again, we thank the many APECS leaders that have come before us and have helped guide and foster many of those serving today! We look forward to another year with the projects that are currently underway, and continue to look for more ways that we can improve and expand this organization and assist early career polar researchers around the world.

APECS Leadership 2018-2019 Map

APECS Leadership Map 2018 2019

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