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apecs logo webiasc webThe International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), have the pleasure of announcing the start of the 2020 IASC Fellowship Program. APECS very kindly coordinated the application and review process; recommendations from APECS based on the review process were delivered for final selection to the IASC and CAFF Secretariats. Five successful early career scientists were identified from 70 highly qualified applicants for the five IASC Working Groups. One CAFF-IASC Fellow was also selected for the Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring Group - Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program. The reviewers were impressed by the record amount and excellent quality of the applications.

The 2020 IASC Fellows are:

  • Avneet Singh, Atmosphere WG | Expertise: Data assimilation; Climate prediction; Complex planetary systems
  • Sammie Buzzard, Cryosphere WG | Expertise: Glaciology; Ice shelves; Sea ice
  • Amanda Burson, Marine WG | Expertise: Phytoplankton ecology; Nutrients & stoichiometry; Fjords & coasts
  • Pauline Pic, Social & Human WG | Expertise: Geopolitics; Security; Arctic governance
  • Matthias Fuchs, Terrestrial WG | Expertise: Arctic deltas; Permafrost; Carbon

The 2020 CAFF-IASC CEMG - CBMP Fellow is:

  • Nicholas Huffeldt | Expertise: Seabirds; Biological rhythms; Marine ecology

The IASC Fellowships provide the opportunity for early career scientists to become involved in leading-edge scientific activities at a circumarctic and international level, to build an international network, and also to develop management skills. The CAFF-IASC Fellowships are intended to to help early career scientists get more involved in the process of taking research from results through to science policy recommendations.

More information about the IASC Fellowship Program can be found here.

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