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ecr review programIn an effort towards advancing academic research and fostering excellence among Early Career Researchers (ECRs), APECS Canada teamed up with the journal Arctic Science for the creation of an ECR Reviewer Program. The initiative aims to empower young scholars by providing them with opportunities to engage in the peer review process, enhancing their skills and contributing to the academic community.

The ECR Reviewer Program is designed to bridge the gap between emerging researchers and the traditional peer review system. Early Career Researchers often face challenges in gaining experience in the peer review process, a crucial aspect of academic publishing. This new program seeks to address this issue by providing ECRs with the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of scholarly works under the guidance of seasoned reviewers. Key features of the program include:

1. Training: Participants will have access to training material and webinars developed by APECS Canada and Arctic Science.

2. Hands-on Experience: ECRs will gain practical experience by reviewing manuscripts in their field of expertise, contributing valuable insights to the peer review process.

3. Recognition: Outstanding reviewers may receive recognition for their contributions, enhancing their academic profiles and opening doors to future opportunities.

APECS Canada believes that involving Early Career Researchers in the peer review process not only benefits the individuals involved but also contributes to the overall improvement of academic publishing. By nurturing the next generation of reviewers, the organization aims to enhance the quality and diversity of perspectives in scholarly discourse. Aspiring ECRs interested in participating in the program are encouraged to visit the APECS Canada website for more information and application details.

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