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Nacht der WissenschaftFrom Portugal to Germany, gathering over 3000 visitors and 10 countries!

On the last sept 30, polar science was one of the hot topics in the European Researchers’ night event in Kiel, Germany, thought the IRRESISTIBLE project.

This event, open to all ages, had the purpose of lead the public to interact and learn more about Polar Science and climate change, as well as Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

The Portuguese team presented the work developed by students, teachers and researchers in collaboration with their schools (EB de Vale Rosal and Externato Cooperativo da Benedita), creating an opportunity for exploring Polar Regions and Polar science throughout the interactive exhibits and for sharing ideas and experiences.

The games developed by students that resulted from the research previously conducted over the polar regions, polar science and RRI, allowed visitors - kids, parents, teachers, scientists and other adults - to understand the current situation of the polar regions and their influence on global climate, science contribution to understandability and minimising the resulting consequences of the observed changes, as well as highlight the crucial role of each of the social actors in this process - the objectives of participation in the event.

Patrícia Fialho Azinhaga
Institute of Education, University of Lisbon


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