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The International Glaciological Society (IGS) will prepare a special issue of the Annals of Glaciology with the theme ‘Glacial Erosion and Sedimentation’ in 2019. The issue will be part of Annals Volume 60 and will be issue number 80. 

We have two joint Associate Chief Editors for this issue, Neal Iverson (Iowa State University) and Lucas Zoet (University of Wisconsin—Madison).  Scientific editors are David Egholm (Aarhus University), Gwenn Flowers (Simon Fraser University), Mark Johnson (University of Gothenburg), Shaun Marcott (University of Wisconsin—Madison), Chris Stokes (Durham University), and Martin Truffer (University of Alaska-Fairbanks). Further editors will be appointed as needed.

Schedule for publication:

  • ·7 June, 2019 – deadline for submitting a manuscript to this Annals volume (three weeks afterthe symposium)
  • ·30 August, 2019 – deadline for supplying final accepted paper
  • ·Accepted papers will be published online as soon as authors have returned their proofs and all corrections have been made.
  • ·The hard copy is scheduled for publication towards the end of 2019.


Since the last IGS symposium on glacial erosion and sedimentation in Reykjavik in 1995, techniques for characterizing these processes and their associated landscapes and sediments have improved markedly. Diverse remote-sensing techniques measure subaerial and submarine landscapes at extraordinarily high resolution, and geophysical methods reveal evolving subglacial landscapes and processes. New and refined geochronological techniques place improved constraints on rates of erosion and deposition. Increased computer power allows models that address coupled processes of glacier flow, bedrock erosion, sediment transport and tectonic change over long time and length scales. New field and laboratory methods provide insight into the mechanics and kinematics of sediment-transport processes and their manifestations in glacial sediments.

Interesting and stubbornly enduring questions accompany these advances. How can glacial sediments and landforms inform us about glacier dynamics and how are glacier dynamics modulated by sediment-transport processes? How can large-scale models of glacial landscape evolution better approximate the small-scale processes that drive erosion and sediment transport? How can past climate variability be inferred from glacial sediments and landforms? How have rates of glacial erosion and sedimentation changed through time? How are drumlins and other subglacial bedforms sculpted, and what data can provide definitive hypothesis tests?

Specific topics of interest:

  1. Processes and patterns of glacial erosion, sediment transport, and deposition
  2. Glacial history and dynamics, as inferred from sediments and landforms
  3. Sediment transport feedbacks on glacier dynamics
  4. Models of glacial landscape evolution
  5. Rates of glacial erosion and sedimentation
  6. Origins of glacial landforms
  7. Geophysical studies of glacial landforms and subglacial processes
  8. Climate signals of glacial sediments
  9. Hazards associated with glacial erosion and sedimentation

If you have questions about the suitability of your paper for this Annals issue, please contact the Associate Chief Editors: Neal Iverson <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or Lucas Zoet <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

The Annals of Glaciology is listed on the ‘Web of Science’. Current impact factor is 2.349.

Please note the usual high standards of IGS publications apply, and authors are expected to contribute toward publication of the issue through article processing charges. For further details on article processing charges, please see For information on the preparation of manuscripts for submission, please see

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