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The Polar and Alpine regions play a key role in Earth's climate system and are geographical areas of growing strategic importance. In this Research Topic we invite Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine microbiologists and biogeochemists to contribute new understanding of microbial and biogeochemical responses to the fast changing polar and alpine environments. Papers are invited for a special issue in Frontiers in Microbiology that will be dedicated for Polar and Alpine Biogeochemical Processes. Deadline for abstract is 5 November 2019 and 4 March 2020 for manuscripts. 

Contributions can be focused on (but are not limited to):
• role and influence of external inputs of nutrients that drive biogeochemical processes through the investigation of annual variation in microbial activity and biogeochemical processes, 
• microbial and biogeochemical winter processes,
• effect of time, season and warming (melting glaciers and thawing permafrost) on microbial and biogeochemical functioning,
• microbial response to climate change and adaptation (e.g., keystone species, psychrophiles, methanogens and cyanobacteria) using a range of biochemical, molecular, experimental and culture-based approaches.

Interdisciplinary approaches to investigate microbial and biogeochemical processes in polar and alpine regions are welcome, such as combinations of next generation multi-omics and geochemical analyses.

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