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The Icelandic Meteorological Office together with international partners is hosting a symposium highlighting rapid changes occurring in all components of the Earth’s cryosphere: Glaciers, ice sheets, snow cover, sea ice, permafrost, lake ice and river ice. Leading scientists will present latest results on changes occurring all over the planet and their impacts, which are felt at high and low latitudes, affecting both the developed world, developing nations and indigeneous peoples.

The occasion of this conference is the 100th anniversary of the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the transformation of GCW into operational stage. Along with oral and poster presentations on scientific results and new technologies, the symposium will allow time for panel discussions on research gaps and future perspectives in the light of the Paris Agreement that calls for limiting global warming to 1.5–2°C.

 -  Bring together leading cryospheric scientists presenting their latest research
- Take stock of the impact of global warming on all components of Earth´s cryosphere
- Promote coordination of snow and ice studies on Earth, with emphasis on GCW and related programs
- Examine new technologies and research gaps
- Discuss future perspectives

We seek oral and poster presentations and papers on timely topics related to all components of the cryosphere and its changes due to global warming. Contributions related to adaptation and mitigation strategies in view of the UN´s 2030 sustainable development goals and on the coordination of studies of snow and ice and associated hydrological changes on Earth through the Global Cryosphere Watch or other bodies are also welcome. Key focus areas will include:The state of the planet and its cryosphere, Earth´s snow cover, Glacier Changes, The Greenland Ice Sheet, The Antarctic Ice Sheet, Sea Ice on Earth, Permafrost/frozen ground, Lake and river ice, Climate variations, climate and Earth systems modelling, The cryosphere in high mountain areas, Research gaps and new technologies, Opportunities, adaptation and mitigation, The Global Cryosphere Watch

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February 1 2020: Early bird registration 
April 1 2020: Abstract submission deadline
August 1 2020: End of early bird registration
September 1 2020: Registration deadline
September 1 2020: Deadline for fieldtrip registration

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