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Please consider submitting an abstract for a full conference proceedings paper for the 2021 Regional Conference on Permafrost to our session "Feedbacks and Interactions Between Snow, Vegetation, and Permafrost in the Arctic". Please submit your papers before 6/10/2020.


Feedbacks and Interactions Between Snow, Vegetation, and Permafrost in the Arctic

Session Chair: Katrina Bennett, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Snow, vegetation, and permafrost are intricately linked in the Arctic and subarctic regions of the world. Snow protects the ground during the winter and provides insulation for the permafrost, which guards against cold temperatures from penetrating deep into the soils. Vegetation changes, including an increase in shrubs, has been noted to be changing in the Arctic and subarctic, which is linked to increases in snow as the shrubs tend to influence drifting and redistribution of moisture. However, the dynamic and changing nature of both snow and vegetation means that these interactions could shift with climate impacts. We invite papers on snow, vegetation, and permafrost interactions, with particular emphasis on the impacts on the hydrologic cycle and climate change effects.

Keywords: snow, permafrost, vegetation, feedbacks, Arctic, climate

Cosponsor 1: Robert Bolton, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Cosponsor 2: Julian Dann, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Katrina Bennett
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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