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It is with great pleasure that the IGS announces the recipients of the 2020 IACS-IGS Graham Cogley Award. The IACS-IGS Graham Cogley Award was established in 2019 in memory of Professor Graham Cogley who made substantial and enduring contributions to glaciology, in particular to the understanding and quantification of glacier mass change. Graham is also recognized for his sustained and outstanding service to the wider glaciological community, including as IGS Chief Editor between 2016 and 2018. The Graham Cogley Award recognizes excellence in glaciological research by student scientists. The award was initiated and is generously sponsored by the Cogley family and is shared between the International Glaciological Society (IGS) and the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS), with the IGS and the IACS giving out the award in alternate years. For more details on the IGS award and the selection procedure see here.

From approximately 70 student-authored papers in the Journal of Glaciology and Annals of Glaciology eligible for the 2020 IACS-IGS Graham Cogley Award we shortlisted nine papers from five countries. From these, the following two glaciologists are awarded the 2020 Graham Cogley Award for their best student-authored IGS papers:

Carlo Licciulli (Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany)

Licciulli C, Bohleber P, Lier J, Gagliardini O, Hoelzle M & Eisen O (2020) A full Stokes ice-flow model to assist the interpretation of millennial-scale ice cores at the high-Alpine drilling site Colle Gnifetti, Swiss/Italian Alps. Journal of Glaciology 66(255), 35-48.


Paul Weber (Univ. of Portsmouth, UK)

Weber P, Andreassen L, Boston C, Lovell H & Kvarteig S (2020) An ~1899 glacier inventory for Nordland, northern Norway, produced from historical maps. Journal of Glaciology 66(256), 259-277.


Both papers are exceptional in novelty and diversity of methods applied, as well as in depth of analysis and quality of presentation. Both works honour Graham Cogley's legacy in analysis of glacier mass balance and glacier change. The diversity through international collaboration on these papers is also notable: Carlo Licciulli is an Italian who completed his doctoral in Germany, and the co-authors are Italian, German, French and Swiss. Paul Weber is from the UK and conducted the research resulting in the winning paper as a visiting researcher in Norway, and the co-authors are Norwegian and British.

Many congratulations to these two outstanding junior glaciologists. Carlo and Paul will present their research in the IGS Global Seminar Series on Zoom on Wed 5 August (Thurs 6 Aug in parts of the eastern hemisphere). See recent Cryolist announcements by Prof. Tavi Murray or check for details on the IGS Global Seminar Series.

In addition, we’d like to congratulate the other seven shortlisted students on their papers:

Eviatar Bach: Bach E, Radić V & Schoof C (2018) How sensitive are mountain glaciers to climate change? Insights from a block model. J Glaciol 64(244), 247-258.

David Bonan: Bonan D, Christian J & Christianson K (2019) Influence of North Atlantic climate variability on glacier mass balance in Norway, Sweden and Svalbard. J Glaciol 65(252), 580-594. 

Gabriela Collao-Barrios: Collao-Barrios G, Gillet-Chaulet F, Favier V, Casassa G, Berthier E, Dussaillant I, Mouginot J & Rignot E (2018) Ice flow modelling to constrain the surface mass balance and ice discharge of San Rafael Glacier, Northern Patagonia Icefield. J Glaciol 64(246), 568-582. 

Joshua Leigh: Leigh J, Stokes C, Carr R, Evans I, Andreassen L & Evans D (2019) Identifying and mapping very small (<0.5 km2) mountain glaciers on coarse to high-resolution imagery. J Glaciol 65(254), 873-888. 

Alexandra Pulwicki: Pulwicki A, Flowers G, Radić V & Bingham D (2018) Estimating winter balance and its uncertainty from direct measurements of snow depth and density on alpine glaciers. J Glaciol 64(247), 781-795. 

Andrew Williamson: Williamson A, Willis I, Arnold N & Banwell A (2018) Controls on rapid supraglacial lake drainage in West Greenland: An exploratory data analysis approach. J Glaciol 64(244), 208-226. 

Tun Jan Young: Young T, Schroeder D, Christoffersen P, Lok L, Nicholls K, Brennan P, Doyle SH, Hubbard B & Hubbard A (2018) Resolving the internal and basal geometry of ice masses using imaging phase-sensitive radar. J Glaciol 64(246), 649-660.


I wish all these outstanding student authors a bright future.

There will be an opportunity to congratulate the two awardees during the IGS Global Seminar Series on 1 July (speaker Hester Jiskoot “The Journal, the Annals, the Glaciologist and the Editorial Process”) or participate in their research talks on 5 August (speakers Carlo Licciulli and Paul Weber).

Best regards and on behalf of the Associate Chief Editors of the Journal of Glaciology,


 Dr. Hester Jiskoot


– IGS Chief Editor –

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