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Celebrate Antarctica Day
with us!

1 December 2020

The international polar community celebrated Antarctica Day on the 1st of December to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty. During this year, the APECS Antarctica Day Project Group (PG) planned a series of activities for all our members and national committees to raise awareness of the importance of Antarctica in a fast changing world.

We enthusiastically encouraged our early career researchers (ECR) to both join our activities and to communicate with us if you were planning something special to celebrate Antarctica with your community. Thanks to the wide collaborations between countries, we could expand and enrich our events and celebrated the spirit of international peace and scientific cooperation that signified the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959.

On this occasion, the Antarctica Day PG organized the following activities for everyone to join:

© Friederike Säring

1. Art & Photo Competition

For the Art Competition, we aimed to encourage people from all age groups and backgrounds to share their view on Antarctica. The "Junior Art" category was for people of ages below 18, the "Senior Art" category for people of age 18 and above.

For the Photo Competition, we encouraged people to share their experience of Antarctica through their eyes; either from your own perspective (Category 1) or by showing you in Antarctica (Category 2).


183 Friederike Säring Antarctica Day 2020 Art Contest

182 Friederike Säring Antarctica Day 2020 Photo Contest












APECS is happy to congratulate 
Alice Guzzi for winning the Antarctica Day Photo Competition 2020 and
Jessica Baker
(Senior Art) and Aybuke Aksoy (Junior Art) in the Antarctica Day Art Competition 2020!
See the announcement here.



Rules and Regulations:

Antarctica Day 2020 Video Project

This was a call for short video clips that you have recorded in Antarctica, no matter if you are a scientist, videographer or a tourist. This video features scientists sharing their experiences from their research and their time in Antarctica, as well as the fragments of short video clips submitted by the public.


3. Online Webinars

185 Friederike Säring Antarctica Day 2020 Webinar186 Friederike Säring Antarctica Day 2020 Webinar














Two online sessions with scientists from around the world were held, covering the topic “Building Bridges between Science and Governance & Science in Antarctica - First hand experiences"

Regardless of whether or not you decided to participate in a competition, you are encouraged to share your own experiences (photos, videos) with us using the hashtags below on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram): #AntarcticaDay2020 #PolarArt #PolarPhotoContestDay

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Antarctica Day 2020 - Webinar, session 1 from APECS Webinars on Vimeo.





Antarctica Day 2020 - Webinar, session 2 from APECS Webinars on Vimeo.

Antarctica Day 2020 Activities around the World

APECS China - Series of popular science activities in middle schools and kindergartens

APECS ChinaDuring Antarctica Day2020, the vice president of APECS-China, Dr. Lei Geng went to the affiliated kindergarten of the University of Science and Technology of China and gave a presentation for a group of 30 kids in the age of 5 and 6 years. Dr. Geng started the presentation by introducing the institutions of China, and the Arctic and Antarctica with a world map, where the Arctic and Antarctic were colored in white. The kids quickly identified the two cold regions in the map and Dr. Geng told them the places are cold and full of snow.
Dr. Geng then showed them the Chinese icebreaker, and how it breaks sea ice and approaches to the coast of Antarctica. Along with the route of the icebreaker to the Antarctic coast, the kids saw pictures of icebergs, penguins as well as seals. Kids were excited to see such pictures and asked a lot of questions. Some of them started to do penguin walk in the room. When moved to the Arctic, Dr. Geng showed them the difference to Antarctica, as one is basically an ocean and the other one is a continent. Kids loved to see pictures and videos of polar bears playing (baby bear and mama bear), swimming and hunting, as well as beautiful Arctic fox which is pure white. They asked questions such like why it is so cold in Antarctica and the Arctic, what do penguins and polar bears eat, and how icebreaker breaks sea ice, etc.
The presentation ended with a demonstration of different levels of cold by showing water, ice, dry ice and liquid nitrogen. Kids got so excited when they saw liquid nitrogen flowing on the floor and turning to gas, and they got even more excited when they saw how liquid nitrogen was boiled when an apple was placed in it. One kid did ask how the animals in the polar regions would do if snow and ice melt. Dr. Geng then told them to start protecting earth by reducing the uses of car, heater, light and other forms of energy from coal and petroleum. It is for the future of all of us. This year, APECS China organized several popular science activities in many cities of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Hefei. Except Dr Geng, Dr Minghu Ding has given three speeches in middle schools, Dr Haikun Wen has given more than 10 lectures in primary school. These activities has attract many attentions.


UKPN Antarctica Day Quiz

uk polar network logoUKPN organized an exciting online Antarctica Day Quiz during Antarctica Day 2020 which has been celebrated since 2010 to commemorate the signing of the Antarctic Treaty on 1st December 1959.

Event webpage:



Creativity Contest "Cold Regions - Cool Facts" by APECS Germany and the German Society of Polar Research (DGP)

APECS GermanyAPECS Germany and the German Society of Polar Research (DGP) organized a “Cold Regions-Cool Fact” Contest to December 1, Antarctica Day!

Link to the contest:


Antarctica Day in Brazil

apecs brasil logoAPECS Brazil celebrated Antarctica Day with two activities; 1) an Instagram live stream with the team of Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station (Brazilian station in Antarctica). During the live video, the public could virtually visit the Brazilian research station and ask questions to the station team. And 2) we invited the public to post a photo or video on social media using #DiadaAntartica, and tagging the social networks of @apecs_brasil.


Raising the True South Flag

Join a community of hundreds of "Antarcticans" across the globe who are raising the True South Antarctica Flag to signal their commitment and care for the 7th continent. National Antarctic Programs, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals are participating in locations across Antarctica and the world. You can participate by flying the flag on your flag pole, your website, or your social media page. Join in the conversation by tagging @truesouthflag on your Facebook or Instagram posts

Website link:


Studies developed by Antarctic Colombian Researchers

APECS Colombia betterAPECS Colombia betterAPECS Colombia organized a talk for the 2020 Antarctic Day. They invited teacher and high school students to know more about APECS and some research developed by Polar Colombian researchers. Language: Spanish.

Organizing Committee

Listed alphabetically:

  • Azamat Tolipov
  • Claudia Maturana
  • Deniz Vural
  • Elizabeth Perera
  • Friederike Säring
  • Gabriela Roldan
  • Katharina Heinrich
  • Marlen Kolbe
  • Nicole Stark
  • Priyanka Vinayak Gaikwad

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