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Polar Times & March Polar Week 2021

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As part of the celebrations of Polar Wek this March, Polar Times (the APECS podcast) put together a special episode with some special guests!
Instead of our usual single-guest interview format, we welcomed a panel of polar people, of various backgrounds and with a range of expertise, to discuss polar life on the theme of CHANGE.

These are tumultuous and exciting times that we live in where the rate of change in many walks of life seems to be rapid. Other aspects, it is abundantly clear, are not changing fast enough! Climate change, recent changes in policy and attitude or the changes that take place physically at our poles over millennia; all these things and more are on the table for debate with this topic!
We were pleased and excited to announce our panel…

  • Dr. Ingrid Medby, Senior Lecturer in Political Geography at Oxford Brookes University, specialising in geopolitics, identity, nationalism and statecraft in the Arctic region.
  • Dr. Stephen Roberts, Quaternary Geologist at British Antarctic Survey, specialising in past environmental change in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic.
  • Dr. Mathieu Casado, Antarctic Physicist and Post-doctoral Researcher at the Alfred Wegner Institute, and Vice-President of APECS Executive Committee 2020-21.

For the first time on Polar Times, we also have a new feature: questions from the public!
Thank you to everyone who emailed and tweeted us questions, we put a few of them to our panel to hopefully get some answers to what you have always wanted to know about life in the deep freeze!

The special episode came out on Friday, 19th of March and will be available by searching “Polar Times” on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon podcasts and Google podcasts!

If you would like to get in contact with us, to ask a polar question, recommend a guests or give us some feedback/suggestions the you can email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or tweet APECS (@Polar_Research). And finally, please don’t forget to like, rate and subscribe to Polar Times wherever you get your podcasts from!

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