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MOSAiC Ambassadors Journal on Twitter & school workshops

The MOSAiC Ambassadors Journal twitter channel (@MOSAiC_embassy) aims to share regular updates on all MOSAiC-related outreach activities. Additionally, Marylou hosted workshops in a French school, bringing key information about MOSAiC and the Arctic to young students.





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The MOSAiC School gathered 20 motivated young polar scientists from 11 different countries. All will carry out a wide variety of science communication activities around the globe, throughout the MOSAiC year 2019-2020. Marylou Athanase created the MOSAiC Ambassadors Journal ( on Twitter in order to share these activities with the public. Ultimately, the MOSAiC Ambassadors Journal aims to channel the rich set of outreach and educational material produced in various languages, and make it accessible to the widest audience possible.

Athanase Marylou MOSAiC Ambassador logo credits to Thomas Rackow

 Click on the picture to view the twitter channel of the MOSAiC Ambassadors. Logo created by Thomas Rackow.


For the APECS Polar Week, 15-21 March 2020, Marylou has posted Ambassador activities on a daily bases on the MOSAic Ambassadors' Journal.

Athanase Marylou MOSAiC Ambassadors Polar week 2020 twitter posts

Marylou has created this beautiful collection of our 20 MOSAiC Ambassador faces as a teaser for Polar Week in the Ambassadors' Journal (Photos by Sam Cornish, Neil Allen, Anika Happe, Pierre Priou, Julika Zinke, Ewa Korejwo, Ryleigh Moore).


A second project was to bring MOSAiC in French classrooms. Marylou Athanase visited several classes in the secondary school Saint-Louis Blanche de Castille (Villemonble, France) to present the goals of MOSAiC and what is an Arctic expedition like. To this occasion, she had the opportunity to answer their questions and to carry out an experiment of oceanic circulation. This experiment presented the thermal component of the thermohaline circulation, and showed to the 6th graders how temperature differences between the Poles and the Equator are sufficient to set the global ocean in motion. The contribution of the haline component to this overturning circulation was also explained.

Athanase Marylou MOSAiC Ambassador 01 credits to Magdalena Do CaboAthanase Marylou MOSAiC Ambassador 02 credits to Magdalena Do Cabo

Marylou presenting the MOSAiC expedition to pupils (left) and explaining the thermohaline circulation of the ocean with an experiment (right). Photos by Magdalena Do Cabo.

Marylou gave three 90 minute talks to the 6th grade high school students on 3 March 2020 and additionally presented MOSAiC and her experience at her home institution LOCEAN-Sorbonne Université on 28 November 2019.

Marylou Athanase was invited to the French radio France Inter to share her experience on MOSAiC. The full radio show is available here.


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