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Igor Vasilevich gives open lectures about Arctic climate change and the MOSAiC expedition open for the public with the aim to reach people who haven't heard much about the MOSAiC expedition.




Profile photo by Sam Cornish

Many people are interested in the Earth's future and heard something about dramatic Arctic climate changes but often are not sure whether it is true or false - Igor's lecture may help to find out. Igor's lecture of about 1.5 hours cover topics around global to local climate change with an activity highlight and discussions of Arctic Amplification. His light and comfort lecture contains basic terms, explanations, animations, videos from expedition, funny pictures, memes and most important - activity for the audience. Of course, the MOSAiC expedition as a unique international project and the personal experience of the MOSAiC School is the focus of the lecture.

Igor's lecture format fits to "Bar lectures" and will be adapted for serious reports in his University. He has presented in St. Peterburg City Centre at the bar "Бакалавриат" (Bakalavriat or Bachelor`s programme) to around 30-40 interested people of all ages. A recording of this lecture is available here (in Russian). Igor has created a timelapse video of his presentation and added English subtitles.

Vasilevich Igor MOSAiC Ambassador photo 2019 12 05Igor Vasilevich MOSAiC Ambassador 02 screenshot from youtube

Igor presenting MOSAiC in the bar "Бакалавриат" (Bakalavriat) to the general audience (Photo by Ksusha Tuleneva). A timelapse recording including English subtitles is available on Igor's youtube channel (screenshot from youtube).


Further, Igor presented the MOSAiC School and expedition in his personal blog.

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