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September 23, 2019

It’s hard to stay active on a ship, especially at times when there’s no fieldwork being done. The swells can make it difficult to balance when you’re traveling on the open ocean and some people are very affected by sea sickness. This makes lying in bed far more appealing than jumping jacks! We were on the ship for 6 weeks without a true dedicated gym space, we had only a small room with a ping pong table. Creativity was necessary to keep from feeling stuck inside and trapped in the same routine. Luckily, we had Neil, our local CrossFit guru, who seemed keen to keep us in shape. Julika and Lisa were our fencing coaches; no one happened to pack fencing swords so we made do with sharpies instead. Jessie led yoga sessions and Sam was our martial arts expert. We did some line dancing and devised all sorts of games using a stress ball, pole, water bottles and some notebooks we had lying around. This combined with the ship sport of Ping Pong, created a vibrant set of activities aboard to keep everyone’s spirits high.

Video by Rosalie highlighting fitness activities onboard RV Akademik Fedorov, uploaded on the APECS vimeo channel.

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