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September 26, 2019

Rosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 3 Sept 26 1 credits to Rosalie McKayI woke up several times this night, I wasn’t used to the sounds of crushing ice on the side of the ship. It sounded like the entire hull was being passed through a can-opener. When morning arrived, I rushed outside to see what the ice looked like. It was beautiful. The ice creates a multitude of shapes, colors and textures; the variety of the scenery is really remarkable. Most of this day was spent outside, mesmerised by the ice and looking for sea life. We spotted a couple shy seals in the distance who quickly jumped into the water upon noticing the ship. 


Sea ice! (© Rosalie McKay)


 Here you can listen to the sounds of ice on the hull!

There were also a lot of opportunities to help out on deck, with instruments requiring preparation before deployment and moving equipment around to facilitate operations over the coming weeks. The early parts of the journey were used to plan, organise and prepare for the coming work on the ice. 

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