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October 6, 2019

There was a small amount of work left to be done on L1 from the previous day. It was finished within an hour in the morning and site L1 was declared successfully completed! Lessons were learned on how to coordinate all of the people, equipment and how to order the operations. While traveling to the next L site (L2), a lot of work was needed to ready the equipment. The forward hold was accessed from a narrow metal ladder about 8 m down into the ship. You had to wear a harness and clip-in for safety so that you wouldn’t accidently slip and fall if the ship moved. Inside, there were several containers full of instruments. The equipment for the next deployment needed to be moved so that it would be ready to lift out with the crane at the next L site. 

Rosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 91 Oct 6 2 credits to Rosalie McKayRosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 91 Oct 6 1 credits to Rosalie McKay

Organizing equipment in the hold (© Rosalie McKay).

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