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October 23, 2019

We were lucky enough to have a few panels during the school. One prior to departure on planning to leave on a long expedition and two during the cruise, one on Storytelling and one covering logistics. Learning from others’ past experience is an important aspect of polar science. This allows expeditions to be improved to ensure that the best data is collected in the safest way possible. It’s also incredibly important to be able to communicate your work in a meaningful way. Thank you to our panel experts for the interesting discourse and advice! 

On land imparting their advice with coping with long, Arctic expeditions were Matthias Forwick, Elizabeth Jones and Alexey Pavlov. On the ship we had excellent discussions on developing logistical partnerships and scientific networks, and dealing with all of the regulations needed for remote fieldwork with Vera Schlindwein, Anne Morgenstern, Thomas Krumpen and Tim Stanton. Martha Henriques, Philipp Grieß and Marlene Göring provided an interesting discussion on sharing our science stories with a greater audience.

Rosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 9 Oct 23 1 credits to Rosalie McKayRosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 9 Oct 23 2 credits to Rosalie McKayRosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 9 Oct 23 3 credits to Rosalie McKay

Panel discussions on coping with long expeditions, fieldwork and Storytelling (© Rosalie McKay).

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