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Axel SchlindweinAffiliation and Location: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway

Email: axel.schlindwein(at)

Axel is a computer engineering student with a passion to provide tools for scientific and educational use to advance research and enhance the possibilities in teaching. Originally from Germany, he moved to Tromsø in 2022 and is particularly interested in the development of scientific measuring instruments and their adaptation to the special requirements of polar research.

In 2019 Axel has founded and since led a non-profit organization developing educational laboratory equipment with the aim to encourage inquiry-based learning by providing students with opportunities to experience authentic science in and outside their classroom.

During his voluntary engagement in building a multi-disciplinary alumni network for students, early career researchers and advanced scientists he increasingly realised the importance of such programmes and the diverse requirements of the participants. In APECS he found the perfect place to combine his scientific interest with his motivation to enhance cooperation and education across the scientific community by providing early career researchers an empowering environment to proceed on their path.

Axel joined APECS in March 2023 as Directorate Officer to support the administrative tasks of the APECS International Directorate and increase the capacity to continue and expand the services APECS provides to its members.

Besides his studies and work commitment, he enjoys Tromsø´s arctic environment through mountaineering, skiing and sea kayaking while having a camera at hand capturing the unique nature to increase the awareness about its vulnerability.


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