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EBA is one of the five Science Research Programs of SCAR. It began in 2005 and is due to end in 2013. Many of its research goals have been accomplished, and its current goals are 1) to organize conferences/workshops for each of the five work packages; 2) to propose an EBA session at the 2012 SCAR meeting; 3) and to work on proposals for future SCAR biological programs.

SCAR has agreed to include a APECS representative at each session of the meeting
Shul Gordon has resigned as EBA secretary. EBA recommended that two APECS representatives take over the position. This will provide additional experience for APECS members who would like to become involved.

Numerous manuscripts have either recently been published or are in the process of publication, including:
- A special issue of Polar Sciences, compiled from the annual SCAR meeting in Sapporo, Japan.
- A special issue of Marine Genomics, which was compiled from a workshop in Naples, Italy. This issue focuses on marine and terrestrial genomics studies from both the Arctic and Antarctic.
- A special issue of the Brazilian journal Ecologia to be published Spring 2011
- 2 publications on the use of passive warming devices in polar regions, coming soon
- The Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment Report, published in 2009, is a comprehensive update of research and findings resulting from the 2007-2008 IPY. The document is available online:
- From Pole to Pole is a book series in progress that will summarize all environmental research conducted under the IPY. Invitations for co-authors are being sent out. For more information, contact Guido di Prisco or visit the IPY website:

Numerous workshops were proposed at the meeting, including the APECS meeting in Brazil this September. Lucia Campos requested help in organizing this meeting from fellow APECS members.


The EBA discussed the future of the Program with SCAR. Two proposals are currently under consideration and receiving feedback. The goals of these proposals are to have a more structured, bounded program with more focused goals and more interdisciplinary scope. As young researchers, we should be aware of this change in focus and plan research interests that align with these new objectives.

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